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Here are some shots of a young Snowy Owl sitting on a power pole right on the Grey County side of the County line between Bruce and Grey Counties....he however kept returning to Bruce County so i think he liked it here...ha!
Having spent the long night hunting, this was one tuckered out little fellow and i tried to get as close as possible on a blue/grey winter day to get some good shots with my old lens.
I don't think i have ever seen a bird yawn like this so i ripped off as many shots as i could.....if it is possible to feel affection for a bird then i definitely feel something for this guy.

"Music: Kevin MacLeod"

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Beautiful snowy owl photos. It's such a great bird to see.
Dave Waddell(non-registered)
hi John
I know how you feel ...so far this winter i've looked but have not seen a snowy......but the winter is early yet....on the bright side i have seen a Ferruginous hawk on almost every outing and of course my old buddies the American Kestrel and the winter Redtail....which i have been negligent in posting here......i will post them soon
all the best....
Jericho Hills Photography
Fantastic photos, I have been hoping to see a snowy owl for years, but here in VT and new england it is a rare occurrence.
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