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Here we have a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk. It is identified by the two-toned upper-wing pattern of darker brown and light brown color and also by a "V" shaped white highlight on the back.
The fence where this activity takes place is below the ridge of a long hill and consequently it is filled up with a very dramatic winter white.....i would like to say i planned that but it was a good location for me to see him and a bad one for him in which to hide....however i do recognize a good outcome when i have one.....lol......cheers .....Dave

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Dave Waddell(non-registered)
Hi Steve.....real pleased for your comment here and you are in luck in Texas as there are some fantastic birding opportunities to be had there....i willl check your postings Texas critters on the CGPC....cheers man.....all the best....Dave.
Steve Porr(non-registered)
Great series on the birds, much appreciated Dave! I've been posted to Houston for about 6 months so am getting used to the heat and finding many interesting species of birds and other wildlife down here, posting on Canadian Geographic,
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