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RUFOUS-MORPH ADULT: Head is dark brown or dark gray, sometimes with narrow white streaks on throat. Eyes are light to dark brown. Back and upperwing coverts are dark brown, with wide dark rufous edges on the coverts, but greater coverts are blackish brown with narrow rufous edges. Uppersides of flight feathers are gray with black banding; inner webs of primaries are white, forming a white panel on upperwings of flying adults; and primary upperwing coverts are dark. Uppertail coverts are dark rufous with dark centers. Underparts are a mix of dark brown and dark rufous, often with some white streaks on the breast. Breast or belly can be mostly rufous. Underwing is two-toned; silvery primaries contrast with dark rufous and brown coverts. A white comma at wrist and narrow black tips of outer primaries are evident on underwings. Trailing edge of underwings has a narrow dusky border. Unbanded tail appears gray on uppersides and white on undersides, and often shows some dark spots near the tips of outer feathers. Undertail coverts are paler rufous, usually with some dark spotting or barring.

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