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I came across this fellow strolling along the road allowance/ margin of the highway west of Nordegg Alberta and decided to take a stroll with him. I got out of my car and took a stroll on my side of the highway. I had a clear view of the bear and was far enough away from him to allow me time to get down the back-slope and into my waiting car that my driver idled along the paved shoulder. Just in case the bear lost interest in the yellow flowers and the delicious greens he was feed mightily upon. In case you are wondering some of these photos show the bear wearing a yellow ear tag....i think they have been tagged not because they are nuisances in any way but to identify them if killed by traffic or disease or other bears, perhaps just to determine their range.

This was a fine way to spend time with a bear and a very fine and welcome change from too much sitting and travel.


Music by Kevin Macleod.....thanks Kevin!

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