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The pronghorn antelope is not really an antelope, but the sole descendent of an ancient deer-like family. Pronghorns are the fastest mammals on foot in the Western Hemisphere, capable of sprints up to 97 kilometers (60 miles) per hour. They carry the only forked horns in the world, and the only horns that are shed annually. Both genders have horns although the male's are much bigger than the female's. With a field of vision that is nearly 360 degrees and extremely efficient circulatory and respiratory systems, they can detect predators and escape from them by running at high speed for extended periods.

Diet: Herbivore. Forbs, shrubs, sagebrush, grasses, and cacti.

Preditors and Threats: Coyotes and humans.

Habitat: Open grasslands, sage flats, and semi-arid prairies; southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, through the American plains states south to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and into Mexico.

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