Hello Dave

I really like the new look of your website! congratulations!
and as always I enjoyed your new additions!

Keep the good work
Lincoln Waddell(non-registered)
I really like the new additions from your visit out west here! Keep 'em com in...

Bob Woxman(non-registered)
Hello Dave I was sending you a comment from Nat Geo site and my machine cut out on me.
This is a great site and I will track it as often as I can.
Bob Woxman
Hello Dave

love your new additions! All are great pictures and very interesting info as well!
I have a 'soft spot' for the juvenile red hawk and the swan.. these shots are wonderful !
Debbie Oppermann(non-registered)
Hi Dave
Just wanted to thank you for recent comments on my postings
Have checked out your gallery again and it is terrific
Like all the new additions
Have seen a few bears myself at Killbear, Killarney and Moon River
Love it as long as I am far enough away LOL
Saw a Hawk in the spring here (Guelph) and haven't seen one since!
I do see Osprey here
Apparently there have been Eagle sightings in the area - Cambridge and Fergus but I haven't spotted one yet - would love to see one in the wild
Anyway, congrats on gallery
You have great new additions to your gallery!
Love the Pronghorn, Pelicans and backyard birds..


I am really glad to see that you have new postings! the pictures as well as the videos are great! As always, your birds' pictures are great, the addition of the videos is a great idea, and they are very interesting .

All the Best!
Dave Waddell's Photography
Thank you...Teresa, Marthe and Michele....for dropping by and having a look around. The past winter was so mild here that i think the food source for raptors could not survive the exposure caused by the lack of ground cover and consequently the raptors more or less left the area. I know i went out 6 or 7 times a month during the winter months and there just was nothing to photograph. Consequently this summer i went out to the prairie grasslands to photograph the western raptors there (Redtail, Swainson's and The Ferruginous Hawks) and while i was so close i took a swing through the foothills of the Rockies and up from Banff to Jasper. The one thing that i now regret is that i didn't take the time to venture out onto the ice of the Columbia Ice Fields when i was right there and could have easily done that. The black bear in Bruce County are rarely seen here where i live however they are quite a nuisance to cottagers from Wiarton up to Tobermory. So to answer your question Michele...the bears were video taped in the Rockies outside of the park mid-way between Banff and Jasper in the foothills on Hwy #11 somewhere around Nordegg.

I'm very very happy you like the photos here and please feel free to visit and do have a good time .....cheers....dave.
Michele Baitley(non-registered)
Hi Dave, thanks ever so much for all your encouraging comments lately on my images I always so enjoy hearing from you. Your videos are excellent I love the bear one and also the Killdeer baby and the Mountain Goats. Was the bear a visitor near your home I know we have had a few sightings around my neck of the woods. I hope all is well with you and yours. Love coming and visting your website it is excellent~
Teresa Cowley(non-registered)
It's a great site Dave and the photos are amazing!
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