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There are 2 kinds of Pelican....the Brown Pelican that lives in Florida year round and the American White Pelican which does Migrate north into all of Western Canada. Some say that the White's numbers are falling and that they may be placed on the endangered species list. All i can say is that in the space of about 6 rainy days in June 2012, i personally saw 3 healthy flocks of White Pelicans a) at the Saskatchewan/Alberta border b) a flock high up over the city of Edmonton 2 days later and c) a flock in flight riding a thermal which i may post in a 2nd gallery to come. I don't know if this indicates a healthy population but i guess time will tell the story.

The White Pelican can be up to 62" tall with a wing span of 8 to 9.5 ft.. They are white with black primaries and a great orange-yellow bill. Adults in breeding condition have a "centerboard" on the ridge of their bill. Dusky wash on head, neck, and wings. The White Pelican does not plunge from the air but scoops up fish while swimming..often working in groups. They fly in lines and broken Vs and circle high in the air on thermals.


Music by Kevin Macleod.....thanks Kevin!

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