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In the following 50 photos we see exactly how a small hawk strikes and dispatches prey.
The interesting part is that the Northern Flicker is no push over and the Hawk knew exactly what his prey was capable of.
It is apparent that the hawk had developed tactics to dispatch a bird of almost equal size equipped with a very effective weapon and consequently made sure to neutralize it immediately and refused to release it during the 20 minute struggle.
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Guestbook for Sharp Shinned Hawk & Northern Flicker
Dave Waddell's Photography
thanks Madeleine....it was a pleasure to see and then to photograph it also really made my day...cheers ....dave
Madeleine Guenette(non-registered)
It is quite of a fight that you captured here. You were busy for a while! Some of the photos are outstanding and great action.
Dave Waddell's Photography
thanks for your comment corrie......this is what i want ...a real balanced comment on my photos.
i can only say that yes i agree and that is what i have done since then....but as you can see from the photos the hawk was constantly watching the sky for problems ...in this case a resident Redtail so i wasn't likely to get very much closer ....but to be honest the real reason these shots are not closer in, is that at that time the biggest lens i had was an 18-200 mm.
i have since then moved up to a 400 mm bird lens but as luck would have it, i have never seen that particular bird again.
corrie sjollema(non-registered)
wow, quite a series, must have been such a thrill to photograph this scene... great work ! no critiscism, and I do hope you dont mind me saying this (feel free to delete my comment) but
could have had even more impact with a closer view, not always easy... over the years I have learned
one thing, will take my first pictures from afar and then, win or lose, I move in, in the end you are only after that one perfect shot, the keeper ! but dont get me wrong, pretty impressed with this photostory.
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