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My granddaughter wanted to stop and see the little painted turtles at the bridge at Gillies Hill and when we approached they got nervous and slipped under the lillipads to her disappointment......however, shortly thereafter, while i was waiting for them to reappear Laura wandered to the other side of the bridge and exclaimed "Look at the fish Grandpa!". To my surprise she had located a school of at least 3 dozen Catfish(I think these are Flathead Catfish sometimes called Mudcats) spread out in a line eating insects at the surface....whenever a car passed over the bridge or when we spoke to each other too loudly they dived below the surface only to cautiously reappear a few moments later.

Just a note about what they eat......Catfish have a diet that includes other fish, aquatic bugs, crayfish, mollusks, fish eggs, aquatic plants, minnows, snails, decaying vegetation, carrion, worms and leeches.

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Music: "Turtlerock"....by Kevin MacLeod

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P Roberta Toll(non-registered)
Delightful little urchins they are. In my eyes, Catfish have always been ugly ever since those monsters startled me as a child, while looking for baby turtles in the Saugeen River. Because of this, I have never been able to eat them. Now, after seeing them through the loving eyes of your camera as such wonderful little humanesque characters, they are evermore secure.
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