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Here are some waterbird photos from a recent photo tour in Saskatchewan and Alberta, June 2012. In the 14 days of travel on many many back-roads it rained for 10 of those days. This constant rain was interrupted for 20 or 30 minutes at a time with light misty rain and spotty rain and very short periods of clarity and sunlight. The water refilled the sloughs in all the low-lying areas and made some quite large pond areas and even in some locations created what looked like whole field areas. The consequences of steady summer rains on the prairies could be seen by the fact that in may areas the farmers where just beginning to get their seeding done and some had not even the opportunity to work the land. But despite these setbacks the ducks were as cheerful a bunch as i have seen in a long time. Here are a few to which i shall add more later as i have them edited....

cheers ......dave

Music by Kevin Macleod......thank you Kevin!

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