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Here we have 3 male Mule Deer behind a 6 foot wire fence on Hwy 93 that runs through Banff National Park in the Alberta Rockies. There is a section of the Highway that big game used to cross the highway and had for many years a reputation for many many traffic fatalities. In response to this the Canadian Gov't began to fence off both sides of the highway and to construct actual wildlife overpasses that would allow the big and small game alike to cross safely. These overpasses from what i could see were wide enough and carried an overburden of soil and native plants and shrubbery to make the wildlife feel safe in crossing. Of course their sides where fenced in with 6 or 8 foot fencing so that those animals using the crossing did so without accessing the highway from the sides of the overpass.

I definitely should have photographed these overpasses...(i think there was at least 2)...but for some reason did not....some days i can be pretty thoughtless, but there you have it!

There also were many underpasses across the highway but these blended into the landscape so well that i mostly was not aware they were there.

Here is a link to information on a Parks Canada website for more info on overpasses and underpasses for this area of the Banff/Jasper hwy 93.

They also have usage graphs for all the major big game and major predators that use it with some photos of interest.


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