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Here are photos of a Great Blue Heron shot at Gillies' Hill during the summer of 2010. They are hunting/fishing shots with some flight shots...i have zoomed in as best i could to show the details of the activities and it is possible to see that he is feasting on minnows and frogs.

"Music by: Kevin Macleod"

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Dave Waddell's Photography
thanks Madeleine...i am very pleased you enjoyed this rather long series of photos...i have sent an email to you with the background info....cheers ....dave.
Madeleine Guenette(non-registered)
This is my favorite bird. Usually, these birds dont let you go to close. It seems that he knows you were there. What kind of a lens do you have? Great captures.
dave waddell(non-registered)
hi Barb
thanks for the visit .....it is good to hear from CGPC. Yes these photos were taken this past summer at Gillies Hill and i found the Herons there to be very calm .... they accepted my presence without being disturbed unduly....i shall be posting further photos of them soon.

barb butcher(non-registered)
beautiful series, Dave.
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