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In the following 31 photos we are presented with bird behaviour that is quite common to raptors and birds of prey. We see a young adult Bald Eagle that is getting adult fledging but still retains some juvenile fledging on the head and tail. The young adult will eventually have a completely white head and tail and the body and wings will darken to an almost black colour. The pursuing adult Bald Eagle is older with considerable more experience and exhibits an aggressive and harassing behaviour towards the younger adult and causes the younger bird to tree itself in a densely branched maple tree to rest up from his exertions escaping the adult. As you can see from the perched photos the young adult is very wary of the adult and rightly so for the adult easily intimidates it even perched. The young adult eventually looses its nerve and flees again to be immediately pursued once again. Bullying and harassement in nature is normal behaviour for raptors and birds of prey. In their daily pursuits and in meeting their needs and food requirements it is "every bird for himself"!

A wonderful, beautiful bird.....cheers...dave

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