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I set out to look into the micro-world of one of the most common plants around us in nature and here are 33 photographs i took. This is my attempt to see for myself why people think flowers are superb in their beauty and weeds like the "Wishflower" are a blight on the landscape.
The first few shots are from the outside just as anyone would see this plant as it is encountered against the blue sky. Then i took a series of photographs shot from above against the green grass in bright sunlight and finally I continued to move deeper and deeper inside the seed-head of this delicate plant. In the last series of shots i placed a chromed steel bar on the ground by the plant and the sunlight was reflected back up through the plant and blasted my camera's sensor from light to darkness. This backlit the delicacy of the seed-head itself.
What i saw was beautiful, delicate and of superb organization ....far more than i expected to see. I realised this was a very complex plant with an integrity that dazzled my eyes. When i think of the ordinary plants scattered virtually everywhere living self-sufficient lifecycles and thinking that flowers were chosen and singled out for their "rare beauty".... I now feel that that choice was made without merit. It makes me wonder how the world became such a mad place. What drove us to say a plant that we can find no use for is of no use .... this makes no sense to me.
In a superlative irony nature embraces the things that we reject and seems to cherish this plant for its ruthless beauty, deceptive delicacy and obdurate vigor. Indeed it seems that what is outside our favor holds a unassailable place inside hers......that its beauty pleases nature is without question.

Music by Kevin MacLeod....thanks Kevin!

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The Weed Whose Beauty Shamed The Flowers