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Here is a collection of perched and flight shots all shot in one location and at one session lasting approximately 90 minutes on a beautiful sunny afternoon and under a wonderfully bright March blue sky 2010.
This is a younger bird who was again very tolerant and cooperative......all the best ....dave.

"Music: Kevin MacLeod"

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dave waddell's photography(non-registered)
hello Madeleine....yes that bird knew i was there....actually every bird in the wild is only approachable in so far as they allow it....but they are always aware of everything around them. The behavior that i am looking at in these photos is flight behavior....by that i mean What is the bird doing just before he decides to flee....what causes him to flee is fairly obvious in that you have moved into his personal space(the distance he is vulnerable to attack).....at that point what does he do.
Well to make a long story short....the bird begins to look around to decide the best place to fly to (4 or 5 photos before flight usually indicate imminent flight) and then he/she loosen up their wings and sort of get their muscles loosened, sometimes void their bowels and off they go.
Take off and landing, flight(almost always low to the ground), striking prey are almost always the best photos opportunities. The strike is the only thing remaining for me to get in this sequence.
Of course there are many activities such as mating, rearing young, teaching them to hunt etc etc that i would have to travel a long ways north to photograph and someday i shall with luck.
Madeleine Guenette(non-registered)
This serie is my favorite. The white owl is absolutely fantastic. It seems to me that he knew that you were there. He was looking at you. What a beautiful beast! :D
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