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Here we have 61 photos of a wild mink that i photographed at Lockerby. This small critter is a member of the weasel family and consequently has all the good and bad attributes they have. It is a very attractive animal but is much faster than these photos show. This small wild mink is a terrific fisher and spends much of his time in the area of rivers, creeks, and streams. He usually dens up in the exposed tree root systems along river banks and streams. If this delightful animal were the size of a wolverine, i do believe that the result would be a very dangerous animal indeed.

I was photogaphing Golden-eyed ducks when i happened to see this grand specimen on the other side of the river. It was fun to watch him scamper along the ice first standing on its hind legs then jumping forward only to do a hand-stand and see his rocking gait as it skipped across the ice-scape there. Of course, his bright personality and his unending curiosity caused him to stop and carefully look around for all the dangers of his world. Also it is worth considering that every carnivore larger than himself is a danger to him from the eagles and owls of the air to those land predators such as coyotes, wolves, dogs etc.

This small mammal provided me with a smile and it is wonderful that they live wild and independent lives.....cheers ...dave.

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